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Though Status For Whatsapp, Good Thought Quotes Collection - P3

Though Status status for whatsapp
Though Status

Though Status

Things are to be USED & People are to be LOVED, but the PROBLEM in today's world is that People are USED & Things are LOVED
There are times to be quiet, times to speak your mind, times to leave and times to stay. But whatever you do do it for the right reasons and live without regret
The most valuable places to be in the world~ are in someone's THOUGHTS, in someone's PRAYERS and in someone's HEART~
Sometimes, on the road of life, we must lose ourselves to find our way..
Sometimes you have to be strong when you feel like giving up, have to fight when you just want to run away. Sometimes it's all you can do just to keep going.
Sometimes someone walks into your life and makes you smile. Other times someone falls down in front of you and makes you laugh!
Sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways.
Some people are lucky that i don't say what i think.
Some of the worst disasters have been preceded by the thought, "hey! You know what I should do?"
Some days should come with a warning label: Today's gonna suck, so bring alcohol!
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Remember..before you judge someone else for who or what they are, you'd best take a good hard look in the mirror..everyone is different and no one is perfect..
People were created to be loved while things were created to be used. The reason the world is in chaos is that things are being loved and people are being used
People are in our lives for a second, a minute, a season or a lifetime. You never know which one it will be, so make the most of it.
Off to bed...not to count sheep, but my blessings instead. Good night, friends
Nobody is too busy, its just a matter of priorities.
Never try new moves in bed, your partner will NOT be enjoying it. Instead they'll be wondering who you learned it from!

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