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Single Status For Whatsapp, Being Single Quotes collection - P6

Single Status For Whatsapp
Single Status

Single Status

They ignore each other and look the other way. but, they both know deep down inside, that it wasn't supposed to end this way.
Yes I'm single and any guy who wants to change that is going to have to be pretty damn amazing!
Yes Facebook i know I'm single,but stop with the damn dating sites ads!
We don't need someone to make us's just nice to have that one person who you mean something to...its nice to be in someones arms and feel special
So bored with being single and alone, need someone who can make me smile and love me for who i am. So any ideas?
Single and looking for a guy who's not an ass hole, who knows what they wants and won't play games
Says the reason I'm single is cause you can't handle this girl
People need to realize that when other people want u to change they are not worth it so stay ur self and be proud of u and don't ever change u for someone else
New year's eve is just round the corner and i dnt want to leave 2011 single n being alone , i want you to change that and be with me going into the new year xxx
Loves being single and not having to answer to anybody, doing what ya want, who ya want, when ya want!!!
Love being single NO kids NO man I can do whatever I want without a bitchy man and not having to find a sitter if I wanna go out.
Is single, I make the best of it, It doesn't mean that I'm not good enough , It means no ones good enough for me xx
Is single and needs someone 2 change that.If u can change that,then leave comments giving some good reasons why i should pick u!!!
I'm tired of hearing "there are plenty of fish in the sea" well not anymore! The dang oil spill got em'! Now what am i gonna do?~ Single~
I'm not single because I don't get offers; I'm single because I won't settle for less than I deserve. ~MNW~
I'm as single as a dollar & ain't looking 4 no change
I'd like to think that I'm a good WTF!
I think that love isn't something you search for, it's something that just happens. So quit looking and let love come to you.
I just want someone who holds me tight ,and keeps me safe and warm while i sleep, to make me feel loved, and never puts me down, know is that to much to ask?
I don't need a guy to tell me they love me or that they will always be there for me because my best friends already do that!

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