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Pain Status For Whatsapp, Love Painful Quotes Collection - P2

Pain Status For Whatsapp
Pain Status

Pain Status

There are times when we must be hurt in order to grow, we must lose in order to gain, because some lessons in life are best learned through Pain!
There are people you let in your life who'll hurt you, it's up to you who to let go and who's worth the pain!!
The worst kind of pain is when you're smiling to stop the tears from falling.
The walls we put up to keep the pain out are the walls that will eventually keep out our happiness take the walls down one brick at a time
The pain is still there, the tears still run down my face, and my heart is still breaking.
The more I try, it just gets harder and my pain is getting old.
The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.
Takes a big person to cause you so much pain and then realise and try to fix what they have done, they must be a little okay :)
Strength is nothing more than how well we hide the pain.
Sometimes, tears are a sign of unspoken happiness.. and smile is a sign of silenced pain..
Sometimes the memories are worth the pain.
Pretending to be happy when you're in pain is just an example of how strong you are as a person.
People say that the bad memories cause the most pain, but actually it's the good ones that drive you insane.
Pain warns you something's wrong. Without it, you'd ignore what needs to be fixed in your life.
Pain makes you stronger. Tears make you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser. So thank the past for a better future.
Pain is the only thing that's telling me I'm still alive.
One thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain ♥
Never underestimate the power of denial, the heights of assumption or the depths of pain.
Never let the pain from your past punish your present and paralyze your future.
My silence is just another word for pain.
My favorite kind of pain is in my stomach when my friends make me laugh to hard.
Love can't be proven with poems, promises, or presents. Sometimes, only pain and patience can prove it.
Life is full of shit and pain, get used to it or take a bullet in your brain
Just like a shoe, if someone is meant for you, they will just fit perfectly, no forcing, no struggling, no pain.

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