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Birthday Status, My Own Birthday Whatsapp Status - P2

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Birthday Status
birthday status

Birthday Status

On your Birthday, all I want to tell you is that you should be regret-free and disease-free! Wishing you a Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday to someone close to me. Hope all the angels are singing to you in heaven.
Happy Birthday. Wishing you more glorious and wonderful years on the surface of the earth – or wherever you might be.
All I got you for your birthday was this post. Hope you enjoy it! Try not to read it all at once. Happy Birthday.
Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope the day has been blessed with the presence of those you love most, and many magical moments!
May your birthday be filled with smiles, sunshine, love, and laughter.
"Happy birthday to you" is the most sung song in the world and it has been sung in space as well.
Trying to look happy when no money falls out of your birthday card.
Am I the only one who feels like a complete idiot when other people sing "Happy Birthday" to you...
Life is very short, So enjoy every moment, Don't lose Ur confidence Go always ahead.Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday to you. may you have many more. you have been a great friend to me. i have a little wish, may we be friends, till the world ends.
I send to you warm wishes, that your happiness will be as wonderful as the happiness, you have always given me.Wish you happy Birthday.
A birthday is just the first day of another 365 days journey around the sun.Enjoy the trip, Happy Birthday.
All i got you for your birthday was this post. Hope you enjoy it! Try not to do this all once.Happy Birthday.
Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!May today be filled with laughter and love happy birthday.
I may not celebrating your special day with you but i want you to know that i am thinking of you and happy birthday.
Happy birthday, My friend. I can't imagine celebrating with anyone else.
Birthdays used to be almost sacred... now its a simple status update and people only react according, not personally.
God bless this special best friend of mine with all happiness and accomplishment in life. I'm truly blessed to have yo as my best est buddy.
Better early than late, especially when it comes to wishing my best mate. Happy birthday.
Some like Sunday some like Monday, but I like your birthday. Happy birthday.
Actually, I didn't forget your birthday, but since you forgot mine I waited until a day after to send this.
Happy Birthday to the most amazing man ever..
Wishing you a birthday filled with sweet moments and wonderful memories to cherish always! Happy Birthday.
Moments of joy you've given me…Are pearls of my life's garland, You've made things so beautiful…Happy Birthday.

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